For sharing files on Drugs global Internet, a user can find enough applications, but generally they all require some skills etc. Their use, and sometimes large enough for well tuned communication. The collection of internet service Dropbox 1.0.3 RC and large eponymous application allows a user without any options to organize exchange files with other users. By registering, we get 2 GB of storage space for our purposes. And after you install Dropbox 1.0.3 RC application on a computer that runs in the background, you can immediately use all the services. Having an extra storage unit is always an advantage. There are plenty of applications that can give you, from having an extra space to store files until a backup file. The possibilities are extended even further if this record is available on the Internet. This is what gives us Dropbox 1.0.3 RC, free virtual storage to store our files on the Internet through a simple desktop application. This application creates a directory on your file system that will synchronize with our online virtual disk. If we can change this directory, which opens the door to new possibilities and synchronize your personal documents directory, and thus have a backup of it. This directory has two special folders: Public and Photos. In the Public folder can store files so they can be accessed by others via the internet, without their having access to our account. In the Photos folder can upload our photo albums so that they can be accessed via the Internet by others without having access to our Dropbox 1.0.3 RC account. Thus, Dropbox 1.0.3 RC becomes a very useful tool to relieve our hard drive and, incidentally, share our files with our friends and acquaintances. 

Size: 8.12 MB
Download: Visit Website 
Release Date: 2010-12-11 
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista


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