Zoodles.com is a simple, safe, and free web browser for young children, created by a team of educational professionals with your child's Internet safety in mind. Kids love the Zoodles browser because it offers them a virtual toybox full of educational, entertaining sites that are age- and interest-specific. The graphics are pleasing and the navigation is simple, even for the youngest of children. The activities and videos housed within the browser come from sites that your child will immediately recognize: NickJr.com, PBSkids.org, Starfall.com, and PlayhouseDisney.com, to name a few. Some of the free features that make the Zoodles browser so great is that there is no typing needed and no URL address bar is visible; only interactive thumbnail images for the child to click on. The Zoodles browser opens in full screen mode, taking away the temptation to open other programs on the desktop. Premium Parental Controls and Customization With a premium membership, the Zoodles browser offers many features. For starters, ads will be removed by the Zoodles Ad Blocking feature, which enables your child to only have access to the content that has been pre-screened and pre-approved by the Zoodles educational team. The parental features that come with the premium membership are incredible, and can all be found within the Zoodles Parent Dashboard. The Dashboard provides detailed reports of your child's activities and interests. Parents can control which games and activities are found within the child's toybox and also promote time on specific educational subjects. The Zoodles parental controls are available to all members during the free trial period; however, the cost to continue these controls is $7.95/month (additional pricing packages are available). To learn more information about the Zoodles browser, please visit www.zoodles.com Zoodles.com or watch a screencast detailing what Zoodles has to offer.


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